About Me

writing-flipped1-150x150 Reunited Adoptee/Daughter, Inspired Writer/Author, Wanna Be Yogi/Techie, Advocating Adoption Reform/Komen 3-Day 60 Mile Walk, Hungry Organic/Optimist, Lover of Coffee/Wine/Cheese, that’s me. Email me at: [email protected]

I invite you to peer through the looking glass of my life. You will meet an abundantly blessed adoptee riding the roller coaster of recent reunion with both my birth parents, experiencing the joys of letting go of the hung-up adopted-self, exploring at long last the possibility of true-self identity.  

I am mom to a beautiful and inspiring 20-something daughter who is pursuing a photography career (check her work out at https://www.facebook.com/VCBPhotography). In the last 3 years of my life I have found both my birth parents, been divorced, lost most of everything I own in a house fire, become a grand mother to my grandson Ethan, the newest love of my life, and moved to New Orleans.

Through these major life events, I am reborn, a better mother, writer, person. I now understand  my hangups, insecurities and my place in the universe. On this journey I have learned how life as an adoptee shapes my view of the world and my perception of self. Through the opportunity to heal that comes with reunion, loss, rebirth and new births,  I see my childhood and adoptive parents through new eyes; I understand my nature; I have journeyed through reunion and discovered both joys and sorrow along the way, some of the later which I am struggling to repair today. 

Reunion is not easy, it’s scary as hell, but it’s liberating beyond belief. It is here that I hope to share the in’s and out’s of my life, the continuing challenges of reunion. The impact reunion has on all the families involved, in general what everyday life looks like through the heart and eyes of an adoptee in reunion.

I hope you enjoy my life lessons and my odd-ball stories as I continue to journey though life’s looking glass. I invite you to come along.